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The eBook University — The eBook UniversityClick Image To Visit Site… I have surpassed the $150,000 mark in a little over 14 months – and it’s still selling like hot cakes (and I’m still grinning from ear to ear!) Thanks again for everything Phil,

My name is Phil Gosling and in the next few minutes I’d like to show you how easy it is to create a simple eBook that sells for profit and pleasure – or even take that to a level that will change your life forever, as it did mine.

If you’re sick and tired of JOB (Just Over Broke) or need to make some extra cash then this is something you need to see.

If you have a website or fancy Internet Marketing, then creating a simple eBook is the #1 method of list generation – and the absolute best method of monetization – turning a free subscriber into that most valuable of assets – a customer.

You can even give an eBook away for FREE – and it will still bring you a great income – If you know how.

One way or another, knowing how to create a simple eBook can revolutionise your life – or your business.

Twenty years ago I found myself with no job, no usable qualifications, a serious health condition, two small mouths and a very big mortgage to feed. Although I had toyed with writing since the mid 70’s, nothing within me told me I could ever make anything with it. For a start I couldn’t write particularly well. I’ve a hint of dyslexia, I read reallllly sloooowly and can’t even add up simple numbers in my head. Not really a good basis for coming home early one Wednesday, seeing the surprise on my lady’s face, and saying, “I’ve lost my job. But don’t worry, love, I’ll… Read more…

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