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Professional Skin Retouching Video Tutorial — Craig Beckta Pro TutorialsClick Image To Visit SiteThen whatever you do, don’t sit back and relax. Get on the edge of your seat and brace yourself.

It’s not working for you, because it’s not supposed to work! There are guys out there selling you plans designed to make you fail.

Throughout this page you will see screenshot after screenshot proving every word of what I claim. And some of these screenshots still amaze me. They show the awesome power of a system that works better each and every time it’s used.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. You don’t even know who I am yet. Bear with me as I take a brief moment to tell you where I came from… and how I got where I am now…

I worked mostly on a chopper called the CH-146 Griffon. It has many uses… primary among them are recon and surveillance.

When you have that kind of power in your hands, it changes the way you think. I instantly went from being carefree to being someone who sweated over every last detail.

It was that attention to detail that made me a great mechanic… and ultimately a great Photo Retoucher.

As hard as it is to believe… fine tuning a military recon helicopter is very much like fine tuning an Raw Image.

There are many little details that go into retouching successfully. If one of them is even slightly out of place… you can kiss your stunning image goodbye.

But… put everything in order… with purpose and precision… and watch that image fly into the clouds.

You see… when you overhaul any machine the first thing you do after ripping it down is inspect the individual parts.

Hundreds of hours of examination go into each job. I did that examination with… Read more…

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