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Make Money on eBay - Selling On eBay - The Powerseller ProClick Image To Visit SiteDon’t You Just Wish You Could Tell All These Self-Proclaimed "eBay Gurus" To Just SHUT UP!!!

Instead of listening to the 2:00 AM "infomercial guy" on how to make money from eBay, learn from somebody who has been there, and done that.

Before I even get started, I just want to let you know that I am actually an eBay seller. How many times do you hear some so called eBay expert who knows all the "secrets" to make millions of dollars on eBay and all you have to do is just listen to what they have to say.

Then it turns out, you realize they don’t even sell on eBay. How absurd is that? Sadly that has become the norm, instead of the exception. Just take a look at all those infomercials that you see for eBay at 2:00 am. Do you really think those people sell on eBay????? I really don’t think so.

Well, let’s put an end to that right now!! My user ID on eBay is jac29000. My store name is Cookie’s Grab Bag. Better yet……let me just give you the link to my eBay store, so you don’t have to search yourself. Check it out….

So, as you can see, I actually have experience with eBay. I am a Powerseller with great feedback so I know what I am talking about. What a refreshing idea, huh??? I have been making a full time income on eBay since early 2007. But the good news is that I don’t work full time hours.

The truth is anybody can do it. eBay was made for the average working Joe/Jane who want to get out of the rat race and enjoy their free time. In fact eBay has created more entrepreneurs than anywhere else… Read more…

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