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Free Listings ReportClick Image To Visit SiteThose of you who have been on eBay even half as long as I have (I joined in 1999) will fondly remember the good old days when eBay was free.

Even a few years ago there used to be unlimited Free Listings Days, but sadly these have become more restricted.

Has this happened to you: You have loads of small listings, maybe selling digital products for pennies. Day after day the sales come in, a few cents here and a few cents there, all in the hope that the products you’re selling will eventually give you a return on your investment from the links embedded within them.

Come the end of the month when you tally up how much you’ve made against how much your fees are, it’s not unheard of to have made a loss!

Maybe you’re following someone with experience and you know that "One Day" the revenue you make will be more than the fees you’re now paying. And I’m sure that’s true. But in the mean time you, like lo ts of others just have to grin and bear it, suffer the losses because ‘one day’, it will all have been worthwhile.

I’ve personally read reports of people losing money month after month until they finally start seeing a small profit.

It’s just one of those things that you have to endure, because you’re building business, you have a dream, a goal to make money from the internet.

Well imagine for another moment how much quicker these things could happen IF…. If you could massively reduce your fees in those early days, in fact, if you could reduce them on an ongoing basis!

Think about how much less time it will take to realise your goals of have that extra income now – and not in 6… Read more…

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