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Easy Ebook CreationClick Image To Visit SiteA book provides you with more credibility than anything else you can do: more credibility than an audiotape, a videotape, a seminar, a screenplay or a song. People place a higher value on a book than on a tape-even though the same amount of work may have gone into the production. The fact is authors are highly valued in our society. -Dan Poynter Para Publishing

Imagine right now that you have the ability to start living the life you really want. The life you truly deserve.

Now think about this for a minute, did you know what there are people just like you making a lot of money from publishing and selling small simple ebooks online? People living the ideal dream lifestyle?

I know at first it seems a little hard to believe. When I first started out online, I was looking for ways to make money from home. I was basically just looking for a little extra money to make ends meet.

But then I started learning about people who were making very substantial incomes from selling ebooks online. I started researching and reading everything I could about how I could make this work for myself.

I contact people who were already making good money, I spent countless hours on forums and discussion boards, read a ton of books and basically spent many, many nights trying to learn exactly how to get started in this field.

I have to admit it wasn’t easy and that’s mainly because I didn’t have a plan or a set strategy to help me. I had to do all the research from scratch and learn the in’s and out’s of this business through trial and error, but it all paid off very nicely in the end and…

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