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Don't Tell Anyone!Click Image To Visit SiteNow I have a list of 60+ keywords that have at least $1+ CPC, easy-medium competition and min. 1K searches.

It doesn’t stop over there, I further analysed using the competition Feature, Have a Green Signal (28 Difficulty Value).

And again, There is a Better feature to CHeck the EMD. I was Damn Lucky to have EMD for almost all KW’s i Just Harvested.

"I found a keyword with 60500 exact searches, $1.28 CPC, and has "25" competition. Looked in market samurai and it will take like literally no time to rank for it as a website with only 7 indexed pages and has a total of 3 backlinks and is ranking #5.

"I jumped in and can concur this thing is pretty awesome….its quick, easy and no other tool currently has the ability to mine keywords from G at this level. If it has competition analysis coming online in the near future this thing will rock the socks off most other tools.

My next question of course is where is the bloody aff program cos this should sell like the preverbal hot cake!"

"I own and use the snot out of Market Samurai. However I got the trial to Ultimate Niche Finder and it’s amazing. I’ve gotten quite a few amazing keywords with EMD’s from it. I’ve gotten a ton of good-enoughs from it. It blows through thousands of keywords in minutes. I’m extremely impressed with it. "

"as of right now, id say ultimate niche finder pwns all, ms is the next best, thats just me. although I also like to do my niche finding manually.."

"It’s definitely ultimate niche finder. It’s new but has already put Market samurai out of touch (my 2 cents) "

"As many of you know I develop tons of small… Read more…

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